[Download] CADe SIMU V4 & PC SIMU V3 Software

CADe-SIMU is an industrial circuit drawing and simulation software

PC-SIMU software also helps us simulate many devices such as Motor, STEP, Conveyor, Elevator, PLC, Arduino on PC.

The main features of the software CADe SIMU:

  • The software provides convenient functions when drawing industrial circuit diagrams
  • Full support for industrial equipment such as: CB, Relay, MCCB, Wire, Contactor, Aptomat …
  • The software is very useful for students who are studying or just graduated. Suitable for industrial circuit simulation without the opportunity to buy real equipment.
  • Lightweight software that can be run directly without installation.
  • The software provides industrial control diagrams quite easily. Help the engineer to draw the circuit quickly and simulate at the same time.
Software Download Link

1. Download via GoogleDrive

>>> Download CADe SIMU V4 Software
>>> Download PC SIMU V3 Software

Password Extract: driver.com.vn


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